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Irish Republican Army (IRA) Statement on Decommissioning, 30 October 2002

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Full text of Irish Republican Army (IRA) statement announcing the suspension of contact with the Independent International Commission on Decommissioning (IICD)
30 October 2002

"Recent events show that the leadership of unionism have set their faces against political change at this time.

There is also a real threat to the peace process from the British establishment and its agencies, as well as the loyalist murder gangs.

For our part, the IRA remains committed to the search for a just and lasting peace.

The complete cessation of military operations announced in July 1997 remains intact.

In the past the IRA leadership has acted unilaterally to save and enhance the peace process.

We have also outlined how, in our view, the full implementation by the two governments of their commitments could provide a political context with the potential to remove the causes of conflict.

Despite this, the British government says that the responsibility for this present crisis and its resolution lies with us and there is an effort to impose unacceptable and untenable ultimatums on the IRA.

At the same time the British government, by its own admission, has not kept its commitments.

The IRA therefore, has suspended contact with the IICD.

The onus is on the British government and others to create confidence in this process. They can do this by honouring their obligations."

P O'Neill, Irish Republican Publicity Bureau, Dublin.

The statement from the IRA was released through An Phoblacht (Republican News) on 30 October 2002

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