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Irish Republican Army (IRA) Statement on the Bombing of British Army Headquarters, 8 October 1996

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Irish Republican Army (IRA) Statement on the Bombing of British Army Headquarters in Lisburn, County Antrim, 8 October 1996

"Volunteers of Oglaigh na hÉireann (the IRA) planted two 800lb bombs that detonated within the confines of the headquarters of the British occupying forces in Ireland yesterday. The target was personnel connected with the Thiepval barracks and we regret any injuries caused to civilians.

Contrary to media speculation that this action was designed to provoke loyalist paramilitaries, this action should be viewed in the context of our statement of February 9, announcing the end of the 18-month complete cessation of military operations.

As we outlined on that occasion, we called the cessation to enhance the democratic peace process. The British Government responded by squandering that historic opportunity in a vain attempt to defeat the IRA.

The resolution of the conflict demands an inclusive negotiated settlement. This is not possible unless and until the British Government faces up to its responsibilities.

The blame for the failure thus far of the Irish peace initiative lies squarely with John Major and his Government."

[The statement was signed with the name "P. O'Neill".]

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