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Irish Republican Army (IRA) Statement ending the Ceasefire, 9 February 1996

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Irish Republican Army (IRA) Statement ending the Ceasefire, 9 February 1996

"It is with great reluctance that the leadership of the IRA announces that the complete cessation of military operations will end at 6pm on February 9.

As we stated on August 31, 1994, the basis for the cessation was to enhance the democratic peace process and to underline our definitive commitment to its success.

We also made it clear that we believed that an opportunity to create a just and lasting settlement had been created.

The cessation presented an historic challenge for ereryone and the IRA commends the leaderships of nationalist Ireland at home and abroad. They rose to the challenge. The British Prime Minister did not.

Instead of embracing the peace process, the British government acted in bad faith with Mr Major and the Unionist leaders squandering this unprecedented opportunity to resolve the conflict.

Time and again, over the last 18 months, selfish party political and sectional interests in the London parliament have been placed before the rights of the people of Ireland.

We take this opportunity to re-iterate our total commitment to our republican objectives.

The resolution of the conflict in our country demands justice. It demands an inclusive negotiated settlement. That is not possible unless and until the British government faces up to its responsibilities.

The blame for the failure thus far of the Irish peace process lies squarely with John Major and his government."

P O'Neill

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