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First Statement issued by the "real" IRA, 18 August 1998

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First Statement issued by those calling themselves the "real" IRA to the Dublin office of the Irish News Tuesday 18 August 1998.

In a statement to the Dublin office of the Irish News, the group admitted planting the Omagh bomb which killed 28 people and injured 220.

The "real" IRA claimed there had been "three warnings put in, there were 40 minutes warning on each of them" before Saturday's explosion in Omagh.

The group went on to claim that two warning calls had been made to UTV and one to the Samaritans in Coleraine.

"Each time the call was made it was very clear and the people talked back.

"The location was 300-400 yards from the courthouse on the main street.

"At no time was it said it was near the courthouse. It was a commercial target."

The group went on to say that they did not intend "at any time to kill any civilians".

According to the statement by the group, the bomb attack was "part of an ongoing war against the Brits".

"We offer apologies to the civilians."

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