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Ulster Freedom Fighters (/ Ulster Defence Association) Statement, 23 January 1998

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Text: UFF (/ UDA)   Page Compiled: Fionnuala McKenna


Statement issued by the Ulster Freedom Fighters (/ Ulster Defence Association), 23 January 1998

"On August 25th we adopted a policy of no first strike: since the Canary Wharf bomb the UFF has endured severe provocation from the Republican movement without response.

The current phase of Republican aggression initiated by the INLA made a measured military response unavoidable.

That response has concluded.

We note that all media and political attention has focused on the UFF while ignoring the accusation by the RUC Chief Constable that the IRA has engaged in military activity under a cover name.

That selectivity is a matter of concern. The UFF wishes to make it clear that it remains committed to the search for a peaceful resolution of the conflict and supports the efforts of the UDP to secure a democratically acceptable political agreement.

The UFF recognises the importance of ending the current crisis and is prepared to fulfil its responsibility.

The Republican movement must now rein in its dogs of war or the policy of no first strike policy will not remain in force."


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