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The Deployment of British Troops
- Details of Source Materials

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Text and Research: Fionnuala McKenna
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This section contains a Draft (v1) list of source material which will be used by the Project Team in producing the web pages on the deployment of British Army troops. It also contains a guide to other material which may be of use to researchers.



Barzilay, David. (1973) The British Army in Ulster, Volume 1. Belfast: Century Services Ltd.

Hamill, Desmond. (1985) Pig in the Middle: the Army in Northern Ireland, 1969-84. London: Methuen.

Stetler, Russell. (1970) The Battle of Bogside: the politics of violence in Northern Ireland. London: Sheed and Ward.


Journal Articles

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n.a. (1969) 'The barricades go up again in Derry', The Economist, 27 September, p.41.


PRONI Public Records

proni on cain Public records related to the Deployment of British Troops


Other Publications

Campaign for Social Justice in Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland: the mailed fist: a record of army and police brutality from August 09 - November 09, 1971. Dungannon: Campaign for Social Justice in Northern Ireland, in collaboration with the Association for Legal Justice.

Dewar, Michael. (1985) The British Army in Northern Ireland. London: Arms and Armour.

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n.a. (1969?) Battle of Bogside, [booklet of photographs]. Derry: The Bogside Republican Appeal Fund.



Glass, Rodney. (1995) 'The British Army in Northern Ireland and the lethal use of force: have the streets of Northern Ireland become the final courts of justice', MA Thesis (Peace Studies), University of Ulster, Magee College.


National Newspaper Articles

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The Army in Ulster - Men in the Middle (This Week series), London, Thames Television, 18 September, 1969.

Forever Divided? Northern Ireland, 1969-1989, UK, (90 mins.) 13 August, 1989.


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