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Values in Education in Northern Ireland,
by Alan Smith and Alison Montgomery

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Appendix 1

Interview Schedule

Teaching experience and practice

  • Could you briefly outline your teaching background and experience?

  • What are your present responsibilities in your school/post?

  • What teaching methods do you use?

  • Describe the nature of classroom management which you employ.

  • What skills/abilities are promoted through this subject? How would you seek to promote these?

  • Do you think there any instances where (your subject area) may overlap with any other subjects?

  • What would you identify as your main concerns with (your subject area) in the curriculum?

Values and subject area

  • How do you feel this subject features as part of the whole curriculum?

  • How is (your subject area) perceived by your head teacher/other teachers/parents in your school?

  • What would you identify as "value-laden" issues within this subject area?

  • How would you approach these issues in class?

  • What opportunities are you afforded to teach "controversial issues?" How would you approach these areas?

  • What value-issues have you encountered within the Cross-curricular themes?

  • What would you identify as the major skills/qualities of a good teacher in your subject area.

Values and Education

  • What are your initial responses to the concept of values in the Northern Ireland curriculum?

  • How/where would you identify values in the formal curriculum?

  • Do you feel it is possible to teach and give nothing of yourself?

  • To what extent do you feel you communicate your own personal views in class?

  • What values would you say are embodied or promoted in your school?

  • How are policies formulated and implemented in your school?

Values and Teaching

  • How would you define your role as a teacher?

  • What expectations do you feel are upon you as a teacher in your school?

  • How would you describe the nature of relationships between teachers in your school?

  • What are your concerns about teaching in the 1990s?

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