CAIN: Issues - Education. Values in Education in Northern Ireland by Alan Smith and Alison Montgomery, 1997 (Appendix 4)

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Values in Education in Northern Ireland,
by Alan Smith and Alison Montgomery

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Appendix 4

List of Abbreviations

BELBBelfast Education and Library Board
CCMSCatholic Council for Maintained Schools
CEMChristian Education Movement
CERICentre for Educational Research and Innovation
CEWCCouncil for Education in World Citizenship
CIDREEConsortium of Institutions for the Development of Research in Education in Europe
CPEPChurches Peace Education Project
CREDAR Centre for Religious Education Development and Research
CRISCommunity Relations in Schools
DENIDepartment of Education, Northern Ireland
ELB Education and Library Board
EMU Education for Mutual Understanding
EVG European Values Group
CH Cultural Heritage
CCS Cross-community Contact Scheme
FOCUS Forum on Community Understanding and Schools
GCF Gordon Cook Foundation
HE Home Economics
HMI Her Majesty's Inspectorate (for Schools)
NAPCE National Association for Pastoral Care in Education
NAVET National Association for Values Education Training
NEELB North Eastern Education and Library Board
NI Northern Ireland
NICC Northern Ireland Curriculum Council
NICCEA Northern Ireland Council for the Curriculum, Examinations and Assessment
NICCS Northern Ireland Curriculum Cohort Study
NICIE Northern Ireland Council for Integrated Education
NFER National Foundation for Educational Research
NCC National Curriculum Council
OECD Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
OFSTED Office for Standards in Education
PE Physical Education
PR Public Relations
PSE Personal and Social Education
PRISM Peace and Reconciliation Inter-schools Movement
RE Religious Education
RIMSCUE Centre for Research into Moral Spiritual and Cultural Understanding and Education
RTU Regional Training Unit
SCAA School Curriculum and Assessment Authority
SCCC Scottish Consultative Council for the Curriculum
SCRE Scottish Council for Research in Education
SEELB South Eastern Education and Library Board
SELB Southern Education and Library Board
SOED Scottish Office for Education
UNESCO United Nations Educational, Social and Cultural Organisation
VEC Values Education Council
VECTOR Values Education, Consultancy, Training, and Organisational Research
VEEP Values Education in Europe Project
WELB Western Education and Library Board
WSI Whole School Issues

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