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Text and research: Martin Melaugh and Fionnuala McKenna
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The following is a draft (v1) list of selected reading material on the issue of employment in Northern Ireland. The reader should also consult the CAIN bibliography for further references for this subject and for the full citations of the following items.

Key Texts

Gallagher (1991) Employment, Unemployment and Religion in Northern Ireland

Gibson, Michael and Wilson (1994) 'Discrimination and Employment' from Perspectives on Discrimination and Social Work in Northern Ireland

McCormack and O'Hare (1989) Enduring Inequality: Religious Discrimination in Employment in Northern Ireland

Rowthorn and Wayne (1988) 'The Economic Situation of Catholics and Protestants' from Northern Ireland: The Political Economy of Conflict

Smith and Chambers (1991) Inequality in Northern Ireland

Smith and Chambers (1987) Equality and Inequality in Northern Ireland. Part 1 Employment and Unemployment: Part 2 The Workplace: Part 3 Perception and Views.

Standing Advisory Commission on Human Rights (1990) Religious and Political Discrimination and Equality of Opportunity in Northern Ireland, Second Report [Cm 1107]

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