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Criminal Justice Review Group Progress Report: Press Release, 15 April 1999

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Press Release issued by the Northern Ireland Office on the publication of the report of the Criminal Justice Review Group, 15 April 1999

The Criminal Justice Review Group, established under the Good Friday Agreement, today published a progress report.

Launching the progress report, Jim Daniell, Chairman of the Review Group said:

"Work on the Review of the Criminal Justice System in Northern Ireland began last June, and we are required to report to the Government by this Autumn. The Review Group wishes to report on the progress made so far, describe what it proposes to do in the coming months, and give a flavour of the range of issues which have been raised with it.

"I should stress that the progress report does not in any way represent emerging findings: the Review Group is still gathering and considering information and is not yet at the stage of developing options or conclusions.

Welcoming the report, Secretary of State, Dr Marjorie Mowlam said:

"I want to thank everyone who has contributed to the consultation process, and encourage any group, organisation or individual who has not done so to participate in this important debate."


  1. The Review commenced on 27 June 1998. It is required to report to the British Government by Autumn 1999.
  2. The Review is being taken forward by a Review Group made up of senior civil servants and a number of independent assessors who are expert in criminal justice matters and who form the independent element required by the Agreement.
  3. The Review Group published a consultation paper {External_Link} on 27 August 1998 to set people thinking and to stimulate discussion with the political parties, the criminal justice agencies, the wider public sector, the community and voluntary sectors, and individual members of the public in Northern Ireland. It sought written comments and also encouraged interested organisations and individuals to meet the Group to make their views known.
  4. The Review Group has put in place an extensive programme of comparative and survey research, and a number of focus groups. It has also visited a range of other countries to see at first hand how their criminal justice systems work. It will also hold a series of seminars across Northern Ireland in May to which a wide range of people from local areas will be invited.
  5. The Review Group would welcome further written comments as soon as possible, and no later than Friday 28 May 1998.
  6. Copies of the progress report and the 27 August 1998 consultation paper are available on the NIO website, {External_Link} or by calling the Criminal Justice Review Secretariat on 01232 258939.


Government officials

Jim Daniell
Director of Criminal Justice at the Northern Ireland Office. Leader of the Review Group, which includes;

Glenn Thompson, Director of the Northern Ireland Court Service;

David Seymour, Legal Secretary to the Law Officers;

Brian White, Head of Criminal Justice Policy Division, Northern Ireland Office;

Ian Maye, Criminal Justice Policy Division, Northern Ireland Office. Secretary to the Review.

Independent Assessors

Professor Joanna Shapland
is Professor of Criminal Justice at Sheffield University and also Director of the Institute for the Study of the Legal Profession. She specialises in criminal justice matters, including victimology.

Professor John Jackson is Professor of Public Law and Head of the Law School, Queen's University. Professor Jackson has conducted a number of empirical studies on the Northern Ireland criminal justice system.

Eugene Grant QC has been a barrister in criminal practice in Northern Ireland for a number of years. In addition, he is founder and secretary of the Criminal Bar Association (NI) and was Chairman of the General Council of the Bar of Northern Ireland for the period 1996-98.

Dr Bill Lockhart is Director of the Extern Organisation, working with people affected by crime and social need through a range of community based programmes, and is Director of the Centre for Independent Research and Analysis of Crime.

His Honour John Gower QC is a retired English Judge. He was a Circuit Judge working mainly in the Crown Court from 1972-96. He was Chairman of the Criminal Justice Liaison Committee for Kent, East Sussex and West Sussex, 1993-96.

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