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Statement by the Chief Constable on his decision to re-route the Drumcree Parade - 1996

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Chief Constable's Statement on His Decision to Re-route the Drumcree Parade, July 1996

I greatly regret that despite all the efforts of the RUC, and manyothers, it has not proved possible to resolve the conflicting views,especially about the Orange Order Parade along the Garvaghy Road. Following extensive consultation I have concluded that to allow the Orange Order Parade along the Garvaghy Road would be likely to occasion serious public disorder. Accordingly, I have earlier this morning given directions that conditions are to be imposed on the organisers to prohibit this part of the proposed route. Similar conditions have been imposed on the Garvaghy Road Residents' Coalition in respect of their proposed march into the centre of Portadown.

The decision I have made is under Article 4 of the 1987 Public Order legislation and I hope all those involved will peacefully comply with this legal requirement. There are no winners in violence, only losers.

Even at this late stage, it is not too late for an accommodation to be reached. For the well-being of all concerned, I sincerely encourage both sides to re-appraise their stance in pursuit of a peaceful resolution.

RUC Headquarters

6 July 1996

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