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Statement by Secretay of State, Mo Mowlam on the Parades Commission's decison to re-route the 1998 Drumcree Church Parade from the Garvaghy Road

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Below is the text of the Secretary of State, Dr. Mo Mowlam's statement in response to the Parades Commission's decision to reroute the 1998 Drumcree Church Parade from the Garvaghy Road, 29 June 1998.

"Today's decision to re-route the Drumcree parade is the decision of the independent Parades commission and I cannot comment on it because I may have to review the determination if I am asked to do so by the Chief Constable.

"I have consistently made plain that I wanted to see an accommodation of the local differences that would have avoided the need for the Parades Commission to make a determination and as the Chairman Alastair Graham has said today's announcement represents a failure - a failure of people to move forward. I regret that.

"But now that the commission has had to take a legal decision I appeal to everyone to comply with the ruling.

"Violence on the streets in Northern Ireland serves the interests of no one.

"The Government is satisfied that the Commission has approached its very difficult but important task in an even-handed manner and Alastair Graham and his team deserve everyone's support."

The Secretary of State said there were still five days before the parade in which talks could take place.

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