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Parades and Marches - A Selected Reading List

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The following is a list of selected reading material on the Parades Issue. The reader should also consult the CAIN bibliography for further references for this subject and for the full citations to the following items.

Key Texts

Bryan, Dominic. (2000). 'Drumcree: An Introduction to Parade Disputes', in, Orange Parades: The Politics of Ritual, Tradition and Control

Bryan, Fraser and Dunn. (1995). Political Rituals: Loyalist Parades in Portadown.

Bryson and McCartney. (1994). Clashing Symbols: A Report on the Use of Flags, Anthems and other National Symbols in Northern Ireland.

Buckley and Kenney. (1995). Negotiating Identity. Rhetoric, Metaphor and Social Drama in Northern Ireland.

Fraser, T.G. (ed.) (2000). The Irish Parading Tradition: Following the Drum. London: Macmillan.

Jarman. (1997). Material Conflicts: Parades and Visual Displays in Northern Ireland.

Jarman and Bryan. (1998). From Riots to Rights: Nationalist Parades in the North of Ireland.

Jarman and Bryan. (1996). Parade and Protest: A Discussion of Parading Disputes in Northern Ireland.

Jarman, Bryan, Caleyron and de Rosa. (1998). Politics in Public: Freedom of Assembly and the Right to Protest - A Comparative Analysis.

Kaufmann, Eric. (2007). The Orange Order: A Contemporary Northern Irish History. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Kennedy, B. (ed.) (1990). A Celebration: 1690-1990, The Orange Institution.

Kelly, G. (ed.) (1997). Mediation in Practice: A Report of the Art of Mediation Project

North, Crilly and Dunlop. (1997). Report of the Independent Review of Parades and Marches.

Strategic Review of Parading (SRP). (2008). Strategic Review of Parading in Northern Ireland, Interim Consultative Report, (29 April 2008), [PDF; 2216KB]. Belfast: Strategic Review of Parading Body.


Fortnight Magazine, Issue No. 353, September 1996.

General Reference Texts

Bardon (1992) A History of Ulster.

Bew and Gillespie (1999) Northern Ireland: A Chronology of the Troubles, 1968-99.

Flackes and Elliott (1994) Northern Ireland: A Political Directory, 1968-1993.

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