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Northern Ireland Policing Board Statement on its Recommendations on the Omagh Reports, 7 February 2002

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Text Northern Ireland Policing Board (NIPB) ... Page Compiled: Brendan Lynn

Statement from Northern Ireland Policing Board on its Recommendations on the Omagh Reports
7th February 2002

Chairman of the Policing Board, Professor Desmond Rea said:

"This has been a difficult and testing time for everyone involved in the process. Notwithstanding these difficulties the Board has taken the time to listen to and hear all sides. We have taken the time to get all the relevant information and we believe that we have not shirked our responsibilities."

"The Board acknowledges that lessons have been learned on all sides in relation to this process but believes that these recommendations will serve to enhance the true professionalism and service of all officers within the Police Service of Northern Ireland. They will also ensure wider community confidence in the effectiveness and efficiency of the Police Service."

"Members of the Policing Board thank the Chief Constable and the Police Ombudsman for their cooperation during this process. The Board remain committed to ensuring that accountability and transparency are the foundations of our policing service. "

"The Board shares the view of both the Chief Constable and the Ombudsman that nothing should detract from the culpability of those who perpetrated the Omagh Bombing."

"Following discussion between the Board, the Police Ombudsman and the Chief Constable it was agreed, on the basis of the information available that the Omagh Bombing could not have been prevented.

"It remains the Board’s deep regret that there are those within our society who have the will to shatter ordinary people’s lives through such mindless acts of terrorism We should never forget the human loss and suffering that has been endured by so many as the result of such acts."


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