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Northern Ireland Policing Board Press Release: Board Remains Committed to Omagh, 9th January 2002

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Text Northern Ireland Policing Board (NIPB) ... Page Compiled: Brendan Lynn

Northern Ireland Policing Board Press Release:
Board Remains Committed to Omagh
9th January 2002

The Northern Ireland Policing Board today reiterated its commitment to meet its responsibilities in addressing the issues raised in the Police Ombudsmanís report.

The Board have always said that we will take a robust approach to tackling all the issues pertinent to the report. We will not shirk from our responsibilities in this regard.

Chairman, Professor Desmond Rea, said,

"Today we agreed the Boardís approach to and timetable for the consideration of the Ombudsmanís report."

"We are conscious of the sensitivities regarding this matter but our discussions are constructive and aimed at resolving the issue. It remains our task to ensure that policing is fully accountable and transparent. From todayís meeting it is clear that this Board is totally committed to that task. But we also remain fully aware of the major sensitivities of the report and will give it full and proper consideration."

"However, to meet this responsibility, we have to be in possession of all the relevant information on the Omagh report, at which time we, as a Board, will make our decisions."


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