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Northern Ireland Policing Board Press Release: Policing Board to Take Lead on Omagh Report, 20 December 2001

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Policing Board to Take Lead on Omagh Report
20th December 2001

The Northern Ireland Policing Board today said it would meet its responsibilities in addressing the issues raised in the Police Ombudsmanís Omagh report.

At a meeting of the Boardís Corporate Policy Committee Members agreed that it will begin its examination of the facts with a series of meetings during January.
Chairman, Professor Desmond Rea stated that the Policing Board was determined to be robust in its approach,

" The Board understands the strength of feeling which exists surrounding this report. Our primary concern in deciding how to approach it has always been and continues to be the victims of the Omagh atrocity and their families and the effectiveness and efficiency of the Police Service of Northern Ireland."

" But we are here to represent the community and reflect their views. We will therefore not shirk our responsibility to get to the bottom of the issues which it raises.

"It is however important that we balance the need to progress this matter quickly with the requirement to be in possession of all the relevant information.

"During January we will therefore be talking to all those affected by the report to inform our consideration of it. Only then will we be in a position to recommend how it can be used to improve the overall effectiveness and efficiency of the Police Service.


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