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Devolved Government in Northern Ireland
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British-Irish Council

The British-Irish Council is a counterpart of the North-South Ministerial Council. The British-Irish Council is made up of representatives of: the British government, the Irish government, the Northern Ireland Assembly, the Welsh Assembly, the Scottish Parliament, and the institutions of the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands. The aim of the Council is to promote the development of harmonious relationships between the various governments, assemblies, and institutions. Further details about the work of the British-Irish Council are laid out in Strand Three of the Good Friday Agreement.

The Council has decided as a priority to examine and develop policies for co-operation on drugs, social exclusion, the environment and transport. Other areas for discussion will include agriculture, tourism, culture, health, education, approaches to EU issues, links between cities, towns and local districts, sporting activity and minority and lesser used languages.

Address of the British-Irish Council Joint Secretariat

Dates and Communiqués of Meetings of the British-Irish Council

    Dates and Communiqués of the Meetings of the British-Irish Council


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