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Statement released by the DUP on the St Andrews Agreement, (9 November 2006)

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Text: Democratic Unionist Party (DUP)... Page compiled: Brendan Lynn

Statement released by the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) detailing the resolution agreed by the DUP Party Officers, DUP Assembly Group, and Party Executive on the St Andrews Agreement, (9 November 2006)


"The DUP in keeping with the outcome of its consultation process wants to build on the areas of progress made at St Andrews whilst recognising that other aspects of the proposals require further work. The Party will continue with the work in progress to ensure up front delivery by Government and republicans. The Party Officers will pursue all the remaining issues and report back before the Central Executive Committee, which is the only body that can take a binding decision, considers the matter.

The DUP reiterates the need for the Government to deliver on the outstanding issues presented to it by the Party.

The DUP holds to its long standing position that there can only be an agreement involving Sinn Fein when there has been delivery by the republican movement, tested and proved over a credible period, in terms of support for the PSNI, the Courts and the rule of law, a complete end to paramilitary and criminal activity and the removal of terrorist structures.

The refusal by Sinn Fein even to begin giving support to the PSNI, the Courts and the rule of law has clear adverse implications for the timetable laid out at St Andrews. Indeed, republicans are retreating to their pre St Andrews position.

The Government stressed, before, during and after the St Andrews talks that the twin pillars for agreement are DUP support for power sharing and Sinn Fein support for policing. Clearly as Sinn Fein is not yet ready to take the decisive step forward on policing, the DUP is not required to commit to any aspect of power sharing in advance of such certainty."


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