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Assembly By-election (NI) - Thursday 20 June 1974

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Text and Research: Fionnuala McKenna
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Assembly By-election (NI)
Thursday 20 June 1974


The following are the (draft) results of the Northern Ireland Assembly by-election held in the constituency of North Antrim on Thursday 20 June 1974. The voting in this election was by means of 'proportional representation'.

Summary of Results

Quota: 24,069
Electorate: 104,168
Percentage turnout: 46.7

First Count:

Smyth, A. C. (Democratic Unionist Party - United Ulster Unionist Coalition)
Party Candidates
First Preference Votes
Turnly, J. (Social Democratic and Labour Party)
Agnew, Dr. Iris (Pro-Assembly Unionist)
Fawcett, J. (Alliance Party of Northern Ireland)

Smyth (DUP-UUUC) was elected on the first count.

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