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Westminster By-election (NI) - Thursday 20 August 1981

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Westminster By-election (NI)
Thursday 20 August 1981


The following are the (draft) results from the second of two Westminster by-elections held in the Fermanagh-South Tyrone constituency in 1981. This second by-election on Thursday 20 August was to fill the vacancy created by death of Bobby Sands while on hunger strike in May 1981.

Constituency Results

The results for the constituency contain the following information:
Name of constituency
Name of candidate (Party) Number of votes
Party majority: Electorate: Turnout: (%)

Fermanagh-South Tyrone: Thursday 20 August 1981

Carron, O. (Anti-H-Block Proxy Political Prisoner) 31,278
Maginnis, K. (Ulster Unionist Party) 29,048
Close, S. (Alliance Party of Northern Ireland) 1,930
Moore, T. (Workers' Party Republican Clubs) 1,132
Green, M. (General Amnesty) 249
Hall-Raleigh, S. (Peace) 90

Anti-H-Block Proxy Political Prisoner majority: 2,230; Electorate 72,834; Spoiled votes: 804; Turnout: 88.6%

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