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Women and the Conflict - A Selected Reading List

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Page Compiled: Fionnuala McKenna
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The following is a draft list of selected reading material on the issue of Women and the Northern Ireland conflict. This suggested reading list will be of use to those who are new to the subject area. The reader should also consult the CAIN bibliography for further references for this subject.


Key Texts

Buckley, and Lonergan. (1984), 'Women and the Troubles 1969-1980, in, Alexander, Yonah., and O'Day, Alan. (eds.) (1984) Terrorism in Ireland. London: Croom Helm.

Fearon, Kate. (1999) 'The Talks', in, Women's Work: The Story of the Northern Ireland Women's Coalition. Belfast: Blackstaff Press.

Morgan, Valerie. (1992) 'Bridging the Divide: Women and Political and Community Issues', in, Stringer, Peter., and Robinson, Gillian. (eds.) (1992) Social Attitudes in Northern Ireland: The Second Report, 1991-1992. Belfast: Blackstaff Press.

Morgan Valerie., and Fraser, Grace. (1994) The Company We Keep: Women Community and Organisations. Coleraine: University of Ulster, Centre for the Study of Conflict.

Morgan, Valerie. (1995), 'Women and the Conflict in Northern Ireland', in, O'Day, Alan. (1995), Terrorism's Laboratory: The Case of Northern Ireland. Aldershot: Dartmouth.

Morgan, Valerie., and Fraser, Grace. (1995), 'Women and the Northern Ireland Conflict: Experiences and Responses', in, Dunn, Seamus. (ed.) (1995) Facets of the Conflict In Northern Ireland. London: Macmillan Press Ltd.

Rooney, Eilish. (1992) 'Women, Community and Politics in Northern Ireland: -isms in action', Journal of Gender Studies, 1, (4): 475-91.


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