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Statement of Dublin and Monaghan Bombing Families and Wounded

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Text: Dublin and Monaghan Bombing Families and Wounded

Statement of
Dublin/Monaghan Bombing
Families and Wounded

On Friday, 17th May, 1974, 33 people died and over 250 were injured in what has become known as the Dublin and Monaghan Bombings.

As victims of that outrage we have not been able to find closure ot our suffering and bereavement after 25 years.

Closure will only come once we have been told the truth and nothing but the truth.

Truth will only be established when the British Government and the Irish Government deal openly and honestly with our grievance.

Accordingly, in the context of the new political arrangements evolving within Northern Ireland, and between athe Governments of the United Kingdom and Ireland, we, the victims of the Dublin and Monaghan outrage appeal for, and demand, our right to know the truth as to how our loved ones (including a French and Italian citizen) lost their lives and so many of our fellow citizens were maimed.

Only when we know the truth can we find peace of mind and consequently allow all our loved ones to rest in peace.

Basic justice and humanity demands no less.

To this end we have Resolved:

To demand the establishment of a Tribunal of Inquiry into the following matters:

    (i) The facts, circumstances and causes of the Dublin and Monaghan bombings
    (ii) The nature, extent and adequacy of the investigation conducted by the Garda Siochana
    (iii) The extent to which their investigation may have been impeded or frustrated
    (iv) Any matters connected with or relevant to the establishment of the truth.


Adopted in Dublin on Saturday, 19th September, 1998


    For further details please contact:

    The Secretary
    Justice for the Forgotten
    PO Box 6790
    Dublin 15

    e-mail address:

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