Project TitleSt Columb's Park House
ContactBarney Devine
Address4 Limavady Road
BT47 1JY
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St Columb's Park House has been in receipt of PSEPII funding since 1994. This will cease in September 1997. It was allocated on a percentage basis to assist with salaries and recurrent costs. Over the three year period we moved from 75% to 40% assistance on an agreed budget. The shortfall in funding over the three years was matched by generated income. Most of the PSEPII funding supports the salaries of the Director, Administrator and Caretaker. The Project Worker's salary is jointly funded by the IFI and PSEPII. Other staff members re employed under the ACE scheme or as volunteers. A variety of other funders such as the Foundation for Sports and Arts, DOE, National Lottery, NIVT, CRC and DCC have allocated monies on a project by project basis. Other recent funding for major projects has been allocated through the Special Support Programme for Peace and Reconciliation.

Without PSEPII funding St Columb's Park House would not have been set up nor would it have had the necessary financial pump-priming support needed in the early days of any new organisation. The centre has successfully established itself as a safe and supportive venue for a variety of community relations and community development programmes and activities. St Columb's Park House is a successful community business. It represents good value for money. Centre staff have initiated or helped initiate the following projects. As a matter of policy we work closely with a variety of statutory and voluntary organisations. Where a partnership approach has been adopted the name of the partner has been put in brackets. The centre is also used by a wide range of organisations who conduct a huge variety of associated and complementary activities.


* Community Leadership Course for Waterside Women (Ulster People's College & DCC)
* Community Leadership Course for Community Activists (Ulster People's College)
* Fountain Comeback Campaign - Newspaper petition and Goodwill Christmas card drive to support the Fountain Area Partnership in their attempts to attract Protestants back to the cityside (Templemore Action Research & Holywell Trust)
* Inter-Church Community Relations Project. A series of community relations courses for church activists and the setting up of a local steering group (Community Relations Officer, Derry City Council)

* 'Time to Listen' seminar series exploring the concept of 'ownership' of Derry Londonderry by community activists from both sides of the community (Community groups throughout the City)
* Political seminar series
* Meetings in the Guildhall with invited audiences to discuss the theme ' Parade and Protest: Can two rights make it right?' (Holywell Trust & Forum for Community Work Education)
* Meetings to provide a space for reflection and to support community workers throughout the City during and following the Summer of 1996
* Community Relations and the Economy: Seminars held to look at issues of sectarianism in the workplace (CRO Derry City Council and CRC)
* Meetings, seminar and report on Community Development in Protestant Areas (Local community workers, DCC)
* 'The Big House in the Park' Research and collation of items for permanent exhibition in the centre on the history of St Columb's Park House.

Work with Young People

* Summer Encounter Programme. Sport for All Award for 18-25 year olds who in turn work with 14-17 year olds in the Centre's Summer Camp. (1997-1999inclusive)
* Construction of Amphitheatre in the grounds. Two Summer Workcamps with young adults from the Waterside and Berlin (Maydown Ebrington Group and IB-BBZ)
* Schools EMU Programme. A series of workshops involving six local schools. (WELB)
* International Dispute Resolution. Workshops and video project with young people in association with IDR Washington and Israel
* Environmental workshops with young people
* Sixth form conference (PRISM)
* Mural painting in entrance gateway (NIACRO Community Volunteers).

Arts, Culture and Environment

* Arts and Different Drums mural (Detached Youth Programme WELB)
* Artist in Residence. Construction of outdoor willow classrooms.
* Establishment of permanent orienteering course (DCC & NW Orienteering Club)
* Dawn Chorus mornings (RSPB)
* Amphitheatre opening event
* Craft and cultural traditions weekend.


* Community Relations & Integrated Schools seminar series
* Anti-Racism workshop
* International women's day event
* Information day for Community Relations practitioners
* Information Exchange Day for local projects in receipt of Peace and Reconciliation funding
* 'Women on the move' seminar
* Community Relations Youthwork Network (Youth Action et al)
* Co-operative games workshop
* Women's movement workshop.

Projects funded by the Special Support Programme for Peace and Reconciliation

* New Horizons Community Exchange Programme between the Waterside, Bray, Glasgow and Edinburgh (Glencree Centre for Reconciliation)
* Community Leadership Training Programme offering Open College Network Level 2 and 3 (Ulster People's College)
* The Construction of a Wooden Maze depicting symbols of cultural, political and social identities. (Local community organisations, Derry City Council, Western Education and Library Board).