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Extracts from the Decommissioning Statement by the Ulster Defence Association (UDA), (6 January 2010)

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Text: Ulster Defence Association (UDA) ... Page Compiled Martin Melaugh

Extracts from the Decommissioning Statement by the Ulster Defence Association (UDA), Belfast, (6 January 2010)

The Ulster Defence Association (UDA) statement was read at the Stormont Hotel in Belfast by the the Ulster Political Research Group (UPRG).


"Today the leadership of the Ulster Defence Association can confirm that all weaponry under its control has been put verifiably beyond use, ...

This historic decision has been taken as a result of unprecedented consultation of all brigade areas throughout the British Isles.

The Ulster Defence Association was formed to defend our communities; we state quite clearly and categorically that this responsibility now rests with the Government and its institutions where legitimacy resides.

The opportunity now presents itself for all political parties to create an era where all our communities can benefit from stability, investment and growth within its region of the United Kingdom and enjoy the benefits of freedom and diversity.

We have fulfilled our obligations, our commitment remains intact and we trust the future for all the people of these islands will be one of equality, harmony and fulfilment and those future generations will achieve their aspirations and dreams in an environment of peace and prosperity."


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