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Information compiled by: Economic, Statistics & Briefing Branch, PPRU
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The following list of web pages are based on 'A Guide to Northern Ireland Statistics' which was compiled in January 1994 by the Economic Statistics & Briefing Branch, Statistics and Social Division, Policy Planning and Research Unit, Department of Finance and Personel, Room 234, Parliament Buildings, Belfast BT4 3SW.

This edition of 'A Guide to Northern Ireland Statistics' updates the July 1988 publication of the same name. The Guide notes government publications (including press notices, bulletins and reports) which include statistics on the main aspects of social and economic life in Northern Ireland. The publications are separated into subject area, which are as follows:

Agricultural statistics
Crime and justice statistics
Demography statistics
Education statistics
Employment and labour force statistics
Eurostat publications
Finance statistics
General publications
General UK statistical publications
Health and personal social services statistics
Housing statistics
Industry statistics
Social security statistics
Social statistics
Tourism statistics
Transport statitistics

Further information and comments

'A guide to Northern Ireland Statistics' is Crown copyright and reproduced by permission of the Controller of Her Majesty's Stationery Office. See also the disclaimer.

Should you require further information about any publication, please contact the relevant Department as shown in the contact points section. If you have any comments on the contents of the publication, please contact Economic Statistics and Briefing Branch, Policy Planning and Research Unit (PPRU) at the address shown on the cover. (Telephone number 01232 - 521458)

Copies of this Guide are available from:

PPRU Library
Department of Finance and Personnel
Room 250, Parliament Buildings, Belfast BT4 3SW

Telephone number 01232 - 521538

Note: All publication details and contact points were correct at the time of going to press (January 1994) but are subject to change.

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