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The Art of Survival
International and Irish Quilts

Information About the Exhibition of International and Irish Quilts
8 March 2008 to 19 April 2008 at venues in Derry, Northern Ireland
and follow-up exhibitions and events 2008 to the present

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Irish Quilts Chilean Arpilleras International Quilts
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Common Loss They Dance Alone Circle of Sacred Sisters

See also: Interview with Roberta Bacic, recorded on 29 April 2014, in which she provides background to the information on textiles that is contained in this section of the CAIN Web site.

The 2008 exhibition was the result of collaboration between the Heritage and Museum Service
of Deny City Council (including the Harbour Museum, Tower Museum and Workhouse Museum)
and The Junction, with guest curator Roberta Bacic.

Partner institutions which also displayed Irish quilts were:
Verbal Arts Centre, Void Gallery, The Playhouse, Diocesan Centre and The Museum of Free Derry.

Special thanks to all the women involved in this project who worked tirelessly on every aspect of the
project and without whom the exhibition would not have taken place.

Concept and production of the international exhibition
by Gaby Franger and Ragnhild von Studnitz
An Exhibition of Women in One World

Photographs taken by Colin Peck; Photographs copyright © Roberta Bacic
Additional photography by Martin Melaugh

About this Web site

This 'Associated Site' within CAIN has been compiled to present information on, and documentation related to, the exhibition of Irish and international quilts that took place in Derry early in 2008 and follow-up exhibitions and events 2008 to the present. This site was compiled by Martin Melaugh and Roberta Bacic as part of an AHRC-funded project on victims, survivors and commemoration in post-conflict Northern Ireland.
As is the case in other parts of the world, quilt-makers in Northern Ireland have used this medium as a means of documenting their experience of the conflict in the region. Examples are to be found in the section on Irish quilts.

The information in this section has been divided into a number of pages and it can be found via the menu bar links at the top of each page in this section. A brief description of the content of each page follows:

Guide to the Menu Bar
The main menu page (home page) for this 'associated site'.
Information on the Irish Quilts, the International quilts, and the Chilean Arpilleras that formed 'The Art of Survival' exhibition in Derry between 8th March and 19th April 2008.
There is also information on the venues and a number of follow-up exhibitions and events.
A general introduction to the exhibition.
Details about other exhibitions and events, 2008 to the present.
Some brief information on, and photographs of, the workshops that were run in preparation for, and during, the exhibition.
Copies of the various documents that were produced to accompany the exhibition.
Links to web sites with complementary information.
Contact details.


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