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Organisation Responsible for the death:
Royal Ulster Constabulary (RUC) 55
Ulster Special Constabulary (USC) 1
non-specific Republican group (REP) 92
non-specific Loyalist group (LOY) 256
British Army (BA) 299
Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF) 428
Saor Eire (SE) 3
Irish Republican Army (IRA) 1705
not known (nk) 77
Official Irish Republican Army (OIRA) 53
Ulster Defence Association (UDA) 113
Ulster Freedom Fighters (UFF) 147
Irish National Liberation Army (INLA) 113
Red Hand Commando (RHC) 13
Ulster Defence Regiment (UDR) 8
Royal Air Force (RAF) 1
Protestant Action Force (PAF) 37
Protestant Action Group (PAG) 5
People's Liberation Army (PLA) 3
Irish Army (IA) 1
Republican Action Force (RepAF) 24
People's Republican Army (PRA) 4
Catholic Reaction Force (CRF) 3
Irish People's Liberation Organisation (IPLO) 22
Garda Siochana (GS) 4
Loyalist Retaliation and Defence Group (LRDG) 2
Irish People's Liberation Organisation Belfast Brigade (IPLOBB) 2
Direct Action Against Drugs (DAAD) 5
British Police (BP) 1
Loyalist Volunteer Force (LVF) 18
real Irish Republican Army (rIRA) 29
Red Hand Defenders (RHD) 8

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Footnotes - Age: (-9) missing. Religion: Catholic from Catholic community in NI; Protestant from Protestant community in NI; nfNI not from Northern Ireland killed in Northern Ireland; nfNIB killed in Britain; nfNIRI killed in Republic of Ireland. nfNIE killed elsewhere in Europe; Religion Summary: Catholic from Catholic community in NI; Protestant from Protestant community in NI; nfNI not from Northern Ireland. Status: status of person killed. Organisation: Organisation responsible for the killing. Summary of Status & Organsiation: British Security - British Security Forces; Republican Paramilitary - Republican Paramilitary Groups; Loyalist Paramilitary - Loyalist Paramilitary Groups; Irish Security - Irish Security Forces; not_known - organisation not known. Status & Organisation: (Civ) Civilian; (CivPA) Civilian Political Activist; (BA) British Army; (TA) British Army Territorial Army; (BP) British Police; (PO) Prison Officer; (xPO) ex-Prison Officer; (RAF) Royal Air Force; (RIR) Royal Irish Regiment; (RN) Royal Navy; (RUC) Royal Ulster Constabulary; (xRUC) ex-Royal Ulster Constabulary; (UDR) Ulster Defence Regiment; (xUDR) ex-Ulster Defence Regiment; (INLA) Irish National Liberation Army; (xINLA) ex-Irish National Liberation Army; (IPLO) Irish People's Liberation Organisation; (IPLOBB) Irish People's Liberation Organisation Belfast Brigade; (IRA) Irish Republican Army; (xIRA) ex-Irish Republican Army; (IRAF) Irish Republican Army Youth Section; (REP) non-specific Republican group; (OIRA) Official Irish Republican Army; (xOIRA) ex-Official Irish Republican Army; (OIRAF) Official Irish Republican Army Youth Section; (PLA) People's Liberation Army; (rIRA) real Irish Republican Army; (SE) Saor Eire; (LVF) Loyalist Volunteer Force; (LOY) non-specific Loyalist group; (RHC) Red Hand Commando; (UDA) Ulster Defence Association; (xUDA) ex-Ulster Defence Association; (UVF) Ulster Volunteer Force; (xUVF) ex-Ulster Volunteer Force; (GS) Garda Síochána; (IA) Irish Army; (nk) organisation not known.
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