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'Remembering': Victims, Survivors and Commemoration
Victims and Survivors Groups

This section provides a range of information on victims and survivors' groups. Below there are links to two papers which provide an introduction to some of the issues. There is also a listing of the various victims and survivors groups, and other organisations and agencies that deal with the issue. Within this list there are links to copies of publications contained in the Archive which were produced by the groups, organisations and agencies. As additional source materials are added to the Archive they will automatically be added to the links.

view buttonBackground
Background to the topic.

view buttonPaper: Nagle, What are victims Groups?
Nagle, John. (2009). What are Victims' Groups? Background on the Victims' Groups Established in Response to the Conflict in Northern Ireland. Web: CAIN.

view buttonPaper: Nagle, Unionist Victims Movements
Nagle, John. (2009). The Ulster Unionist Victims’ Movement: Political Opportunities and Injustice Masterframes'. Web: CAIN.

view buttonReading
A guide to the major publications, reports, and source materials.

view buttonList of victims' groups
A list of dedicated victim's groups and 'parallel providers'.

view buttonSources
A guide to source materials on the topic.


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