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'Remembering': Victims, Survivors and Commemoration
Physical Memorials to the conflict in Northern Ireland
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640 memorials listed in database; 453 visited, recorded and photographed;
1,560 photographs currently available (indicated by camera icon ) of 386 memorials

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Sutton's Database lists 3,526 people; 2,097 photographs currently available

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Memorials App:
INCORE and CAIN launched a free iPhone (/iPad) App on Monday 4th March 2013. The Northern Ireland Memorials App acts as a guide to the hundreds of Troubles memorials found in public spaces in Northern Ireland. The information presented by the App is that contained in the memorials database.


To assist the various search engines locate the information on the physical memorials, and the information on the photographs of the memorials, links have been provided from two index Web pages (monuments and photographs) to 'static' Web pages. Users should use the above search facility to locate informaiton on physical memorials as the two index Web pages only contain very rough information.


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