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This is a draft (1) version of some of the source material used in the section on the introduction of Direct Rule in Northern Ireland. It contains a selection of journal and newspaper articles which have been published over the years, and a list of other publications including books, reports and theses. The reader may also want to consult the CAIN bibliography for further information.


PRONI Public Records

proni on cain Public records related to Direct Rule


Journal Articles

Boyle, Kevin, 'After Direct Rule 1: the opposition', Fortnight, No. 37, 13 April 1972, p.2.

Roy Bradford. 'The British Government has yet to seize the initiative in the province', The Listener, Vol. 87, 4 May 1972, pp.575-576.

Julian Critchley. 'Ireland: Against Direct Rule', The Spectator, 6 May 1972, p.690.

Liam De Paor. 'Ulster: Too little too late', New Statesman, Vol. 83, No.2138, pp.299-300.

Liam De Paor. 'Dublin's (cool) hope', New Statesman, Vol. 83, No.2141, p.413.

Roy Hattersley. 'Towards one Ireland', New Statesman, Vol. 83, No.2142, p.445.

William Kingston. 'Northern Ireland: the elements of a solution', Political Quarterly, Vol. 43, April - June 1972, pp.201-211.

Kieth Kyle. 'How Direct Rule came to Ulster', The Listener, Vol. 87, 30 March 1972, pp.408-409.

Calvin Macnee. 'Hi … there!' [Unionist opposition to impending Direct Rule] Fortnight, No. 36, 23 March 1972, p.2.

Calvin Macnee. 'I am Sir Brian - Kerplosh!' [Stormont prorogued] Fortnight, No. 37, 13 April 1972, p.2.

Calvin Macnee. 'Waiting for Ted-O', [impending Direct Rule] Fortnight, No. 35, 8 March 1972, p.2.

John A. Oliver. 'The Stormont Administration, 1921-1972', Contemporary Record, 5, Summer 1991, pp.71-104.

'Can Ulster forget?' The Economistt, Vol. 243, No. 6710, 1 April 1972, pp.15-16.

'Ulster: the day power lay in the street', The Economist, Vol. 243, No. 6710, 1 April 1972, pp.23-24.

'Stormont must go', The Spectator, 12 February 1972, p.228.

'What is Willie up to?' The Economist, No. 243, 29 April 1972, pp.20-21.

'The kites above Stormont', The Economist, No. 242, 19 February 1972, p.228.

'Stormont: The new regime', Fortnight, No. 40, 25 May 1972, pp.6-8.


National Newspaper Articles:

John Chartres. 'Retracing the rise and fall of Mr. Faulkner', The Times, 25 March 1972, p.16.

James Downey. 'Faulkner to face British ultimatum', The Irish Times, 21 March 1972, p.1.

James Downey and Conor Brady. 'Direct Rule imminent as London initiative talks breaks down?', The Irish Times 24 March 1972, pp.1 and 9.

Robert Fisk. 'Stormont's last day ends as though Westminster plan never existed', The Times, 29 March 1972, p.2.

Irish Times Reporters. 'Reaction to Direct Rule', The Irish Times, 25 March 1972, p.10.

Kelly, Henry. 'The last days at Stormont: the glory of Pompeii not recalled', The Irish Times, 29 March 1972, p.1.

Kelly, Henry. 'Faulkner says his team stood firm: Stormont report', The Irish Times, 29 March 1972, p.9.

Leading article. 'The fall of Stormont', The Times, 29 March 1972, p.15.

Leading article. 'The responsibility comes home', The Times, 25 March 1972, p.17.

Mary Holland. 'Ulster (4). What Next? Aces that Whitelaw can play', The Observer, 26 March 1972, p.11.

Andrew Wilson. 'Ulster (1). The Crunch. How the 'package' blew up in Faulkner's face', The Observer, 26 March 1972, p.8.


Other Publications:

Paul Arthur, Government and politics in Northern Ireland. London: Longman, 1980.

Bell, P., "Direct Rule in Northern Ireland", in, R. Rose (ed.), Ministers and Ministries. Oxford: Clarendon Press 1987, pp.189-226.

Derek Birrell and Alan Murie, Policy and Government in Northern Ireland. Dublin: Gill and Macmillan, 1980.

James Callaghan, A house divided: the dilemma of Northern Ireland. London: Collins, 1973.

Faulkner, Brian. (1972). Text of a speech by Brian Faulkner, then Prime Minister of Northern Ireland, following the announcement of Direct Rule from Westminster, (Friday 24 March 1972). Belfast: Stormont.

McKittrick, David. McVea, David. (2000). 'The end of Stormont, 1972-73' in Making Sense of the Troubles. Belfast: Blackstaff Press.



24 Hours, (BBC), [ A special programme on the introduction of Direct Rule], 24 March 1972.

The Frost Programme, (ITV), [Frost discusses the evening's announcement of Direct Rule with an audience in Belfast], 24 March 1972.


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