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Literature of the 'Troubles' by Bill Rolston
(Chronological listing by date of publication)

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Bibliography Compiled: Prof. Bill Rolston ... Programming: Mike McCool
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Literature of the 'Troubles': Novels

The following bibliography was originally compiled using bibliographies produced by Bill Rolston at the University of Ulster and Robert Bell of the political collection at the Linenhall Library. It has been updated periodically since. Every attempt has been made to ensure that the novels referred to relate at least in part to the political conflict in Northern Ireland since 1969. No short stories or collections of short stories are included.

Chronological Listing by Date of Publication

MacDonald, Peter (), One Way Street. London: Robert Charles.

Ballinger, W A (1969), The Green Grassy Slopes. London: Corgi.

Waddell, Martin (1969), Come Back When I'm Sober. London: Hodder and Stouqhton.

Leitch, Maurice (1969), Poor Lazarus. London: Minerva.

Gallie, Menna (1970), You're Welcome to Ulster!. London: Victor Gollancz (also New York: Harper and Row, 1970).

Waddell, Martin (1970), A Little Bit British. London: Tom Stacey.

MacKenzie, Lee (1970), Hadleigh. London: New English Library.

Lingard, Joan (1970), The Lord on Our Side. London: Hodder and Stoughton.

Leslie, Peter (1970), The Extremists. London: New English Library.

Braddon, Russell (1971), The Progress of Private Lilyworth. (also French: Le Bidasse inspir‚ Paris, Gallimard, 1972), London: Michael Joseph.

Wood, James (1971), Road to Canossa. London: Hutchinson.

Carrick, James (1971), With O'Leary in the Grave. London: Heinemann.

Brewster, David (1972), The Heart's Grown Brutal. London: Angus & Robertson.

Lingard, Joan (1972), Across the Barricades. (also French: Au-delà des barricades, Paris, Casterman, 1993; and Gembloux, Duculot, 1973), London: Hamish Hamilton.

Crawford, Robert (1972), Whip Hand (See Rae, Hugh C.). London: Constable.

Aylott, Bob (1973), Cry for Tomorrow. London: Everest.

Stuart, Francis (1973), Memorial. London: Martin Brian and O'Keeffe.

Philips, James A. (1973), Joe Gall: the Shankill Road Contract. New York:

Nicholl, Ned (1973), No More Leprechauns. London: New English Library.

Lingard, Joan (1973), Into Exile. Harmondsworth: Puffin.

Lingard, Joan (1973), The Twelfth Day of July. (also French: 12 juillet, Castor Flammarion, 1983), Harmondsworth: Puffin (also London: Hamish Hamilton, 1970).

Hornman, Wim (1973), Kinderen van het Geweld. Haarlem: Gottmer.

Hegarty, Walter (1973), The Price of Chips. London: Davis-Poynter.

Drummond, June (1973), Bang! Bang! You're Dead!. London: Victor Gollancz.

Dickinson, Peter (1973), The Green Gene. (also French: L'Oracle empoisonn‚ Paris, Fayard, 1975; Paris, Librairie générale français, 1988), London: Hodder and Stoughton.

Cannon, Elliott (1973), Stand By to Shoot. London: Robert Hale.

Boyle, Elizabeth (1973), Obsession. Toronto: York Publishing & Printing Co..

Barton, Harry (1973), Yours Till Ireland Explodes, Mr Mooney. Belfast: Blackstaff.

Barlow, James (1973), Both Your Houses. London: Pan (also London: Hamish Hamilton, 1971).

Barton, Harry (1974), Yours Again, Mr Mooney. Belfast: Blackstaff.

Wead, R. Douglas (1974), Tonight They'll Kill a Catholic. Carol Stream Ill.: Creation House.

Target, George W. (1974), The Patriots. London: Duckworth.

Rosset, Gilles (1974), Le Point d'Irlande. Paris: Denoël.

Rae, Hugh C. (1974), Whip Hand (See Crawford, Robert). London: Sphere (also London: Constable, 1972).

Kenyon, Michael (1974), A Sorry State. London: Collins.

Imbar, Jean-Gerard (1974), Ah, ca I.R.A!. Paris: Gallimard.

Herron, Shaun (1974), Miro: The Hound and the Fox and the Harper. London: Coronet.

Herron, Shaun (1974), Through the Dark and Hairy Wood. London: Coronet.

Feeney, John (1974), Worm Friday. Dun Laoghaire: Anna Livia.

De St. Jorre, John. Shakespeare, Brian (1974), The Patriot Game. London: Coronet (also London: Hodder and Stoughton, 1973).

Coudent, Jean-Loup (1974), Mefiez-vous de l'Irlande. Paris: Fayard.

Breslin, Jimmy (1974), World Without End, Amen. London: Hutchinson.

Charles, Robert (1975), The Hour of the Wolf. (also German: Terror auf offener Strasse Frankfurt a.m., Ullstein, 1976), London: Pinnacle Books.

Seaman, Donald (1975), The Bomb that Could Lip-read. London: Futura.

Morrison, Edith (1975), Joy in the Troubles. Belfast: Christian Life Press.

Martin, Ian Kennedy (1975), The Sweeny. London: Futura.

Martin, Ian Kennedy (1975), Regan. (also French: Le Jongleur, Paris, Gallimard, 1987), London: Arthur Barker.

Martin, David (1975), The Task. London: Secker and Warburg.

Marriner, Brian (1975), A Splinter of Ice. London: Robert Hale.

Lingard, Joan (1975), A Proper Place. (also as A Place of Their Own, New York, Tempo Books, 1975), London: Hamish Hamilton.

Hurd, Douglas (1975), Vote to Kill. London: Collins.

Higgins, Jack (1975), A Prayer for the Dying. (also Norwegian: Messe for en morder Oslo, Bladkompaniet, 1975; German: Die Mordbeichte Munich, Wilhelm Heyne, 1975), London: Coronet.

Herron, Shaun (1975), The Whore Mother. (also Turkish: Fahize ana Istanbul, Altin Kitaplar Yayinevil, 1974), London: Coronet.

Frankliin, Max (1975), Hennessy/ Published in New York by Ballantine, 1975 as The Fifth of November. London: Futura.

Charles, Robert (1975), The Flight of the Raven. London: Robert Hale.

Ball, Brian (1976), Keegan: the No-Option Contract. London: Arthur Barker (also St. Alban's: Mayflower, 1976).

White, Jon Manchip (1976), The Robinson Factor. St. Albans: Panther.

Sinclair, Dennis (1976), The Third Force. London: Corgi.

Pincher, Chapman (1976), The Eye of the Tornado. London: Michael Joseph.

O'Doherty, Malachi (1976), Belfast Story. Whitley Bay: Erdesdun Pomes.

May, Naomi (1976), Troubles. London: John Calder.

McBratney, Sam (1976), Mark Time. London: Abelard.

Lund, James (1976), The Ultimate. London: John Calder.

Lingard, Joan (1976), Hostages to Fortune. London: Hamish Hamilton.

Jacks, Oliver (1976), Assassination Day. (also French: La Seconde de d'étente, Paris, Gallimard, 1976), London: Hodder and Stoughton.

Hale, John (1976), Lovers and Heretics. London: Victor Gollancz.

Foxall P A (1976), Inspector Derben's War. London: Robert Hale.

Driscoll, Peter (1976), In Connection with Kilshaw. (also German: Irische Scharade Reinbeck bei Hamburg, Rowahlt, 1979; French: Concerne Kilshaw, Paris, Fayard 1976), London: Sphere (also London: Macdonald, 1974).

Burton, Anthony (1976), The Coventry Option. New York: Putnam.

Broderick, John (1976), The Fugitives. (Translated into French as Les Fugitifs, Paris, la D‚couverte, 1993), London: Pan.

Aalben, Patrick (1977), The Grab. London: Robert Hale.

Stuart, Francis (1977), A Hole in the Head. London: Martin Brian and O'Keeffe.

Seymour, Gerald (1977), The Glory Boys. (also Spanish: Consequiremos la Gloria Madrid, Selecciones del Reader's Digest, 1978, pp. 6-171), London: Fontana.

Seymour, Gerald (1977), Harry's Game. (also Norwegian: Harrys spill Oslo, Gyldendal, 1976; Spanish: El Juego de Harry Barcelona, Grijalbo, 1976), London: Fontana (also London: Collins, 1976).

Perry, Ritchie (1977), Dead End. London: Collins.

O'Neill, Edward A (1977), The Rotterdam Delivery. London: Sphere (also London: Victor Gollancz, 1975).

Morrow, John (1977), The Confessions of Proinsias O'Toole. Belfast: Blackstaff Press.

Martin, David (1977), The Ceremony of Innocence. London: Secker and Warburg.

Hilliar, Michael (1977), Come Dance with Me. Belfast: Blackstaff.

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Cleary, Jon (1977), Peter's Pence. London: Fontana.

Charles, Robert (1977), The Prey of the Falcon. London: Robert Hale.

Cazenave, Michel (1977), Les fusils de l'IRA. Paris: L'Herne.

Cawley, Robert (1977), Friend or Foe?. London: Sphere.

Bennett, Colin (1978), Night Moves by Armour. London: CB Publications.

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Walker, Martin (1978), The Infiltrator. London: Panther.

Van Greenaway, Peter (1978), Suffer! Little Children. St. Albans: Panther.

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Redmond, Lucille (1978), Who Breaks up the Old Moons to Make New Stars. Enniskerry Co. Wicklow: Egotist Press.

McCarty, Nick (1978), Spearhead. London: Arrow.

Langley, Bob (1978), Death Stalk. London: Sphere (also London: Michael Joseph, 1977).

Lane, Andrew (1978), Forgive the Executioner. London: New English Library.

Gill, Bartholomew (1978), McGarr and the Politician's Wife. (also French: McGarr et la femme du ministre, Paris, Fayard, 1994), London: Robert Hale.

Forman, James (1978), A Fine, Soft Day. New York: Farrar Straus and Giroux.

Egleton, Clive (1978), The Mills Bomb. London: Hodder and Stoughton.

Cowell, John (1978), The Begrudgers. Dublin: O'Brien Press.

Connolly, Ray (1978), News Death. (also French: S.O.S., B.B.C, Paris, Gallimard, 1979), London: Collins.

Carroll, James (1978), Madonna Red. London: Coronet.

Adams, Patrick (1979), Everything Can Be O.K.. Los Angeles: Amber International.

Smith, Murray (1979), A Gun for Delilah. London: Robert Hale.

Seaman, Donald (1979), The Committee. London: Futura (also London: Hamish Hamilton, 1977).

Patterson, Harry (1979), Cry of the Hunter. London: Arrow Books.

Doibhlin, Breandan (1979), An Branar gan Cur. Skerries: Gilbert Dalton.

Montague, Richard (1979), Frank Faces of the Dead. Bognor Regis: New Horizon.

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McNamara, Michael M (1979), The Dancing Floor. London: W.H. Allen.

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The above listing of the bibliography of novels is also available in the following formats:

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