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A Chronology of the Conflict - 1968 to the Present

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Page Compiled : Martin Melaugh
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Draft chronologies for the years 1968 to 2001 can be found below. Chronologies for more recent years will be added in the future. Most of the daily entries are brief, however the chronologies contain links to key documents and more detailed entries for those dates that coincide with the key events and key issues. There are also more detailed daily entries for the years since 1996. Below are links to each individual year. There are also links to chronologies of events during the periods 1169-1799 and 1800-1967. In addition there are chronologies which cover particular key events and key issues.
The following 'buttons' appear within the chronologies and provide links to additional information in the Sutton 'Index of Deaths': death button     death button
There is also a button with links to records from the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI) (links available from 6 October 2010): proni on cain
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Events in Irish History
1169 to 1799
1800 to 1967
Chronologies of Key Events
Civil Rights Campaign (1964-1972)
Derry March (5 October 1968)
People's Democracy March (1-4 January 1969)
Internment (1971-1975)
'Bloody Sunday' (30 January 1972)
'Bloody Friday' (21 July 1972)
Sunningdale Agreement (1973-1974)
Ulster Workers' Council strike (May 1974)
The Dublin and Monaghan Bombs (17 May 1974)
IRA Truce (9 February 1975 to 23 January 1976)
Northern Ireland Constitutional Convention (July 1974 to March 1976)
United Unionist Action Council (UUAC) Strike (1977)
Hunger Strike (1981)
Anglo-Irish Agreement (15 November 1985)
Brooke / Mayhew Talks (April 1991 to November 1992)
Events leading up to the Peace Process (1988-1993)
Events during the Peace Process (1993-1998)
Events during the Peace Process (1998-1999)
Chronologies of Key Issues
Abstentionism: Sinn Féin Ard Fheis, 1-2 November 1986
Collusion: Events in the Stevens Inquiries
Election Results
Policy Initiatives
Political Initiatives
Annual 'Marching Season'
History of Parades and Marches


CAIN contains information and source material on the conflict and politics in Northern Ireland.
CAIN is based within Ulster University.

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