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Violence - Draft List of Deaths Related to the Conflict in 2019

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Page Compiled: Martin Melaugh
Material is added to this site on a regular basis - information on this page may change

Draft List of Deaths Related to the Conflict in 2019

The following page has been compiled by Martin Melaugh to complement the Index of Deaths (1969-2001) by Malcolm Sutton. The information below is in draft form and should be treated with some caution. Some of the deaths listed below may be shown later to be unrelated to the conflict.



18 April 2019
Lyra McKee (29) Catholic
Status: Civilian (Civ), Killed by:[new] Irish Republican Army (IRA)
Reporter. Shot while observing a riot, standing beside an armoured PSNI Land Rover, Fanad Drive, Creggan, Derry. [McKee was standing with a group of civilian onlookers when a gunman fired a number of shots at the police (See: BBC). On the 23 April 2019 The Irish News reported that it had received a statement from the 'new' IRA admitting responsibility for the killing (See: The Irish News). The IRA also offered 'sincere apologies' for her death.]
Uncertain if conflict-related
27 January 2019
Ian Ogle (45) Protestant
Status: Civilian (Civ), Killed by: Unknown
Attacked, beaten and stabbed to death by a gang of five or more men, Cluan Place, off the Albertbridge Road, Belfast. [Mr Ogle had acted as a spokesman for the loyalist community (See: BBC). On the 28 January 2019 The Irish News received a statement from the UVF denying that the killing was done in the name of the UVF (See: The Irish News). On 31 January 2019, the PSNI said that one line of inquiry was that members of east Belfast UVF were involved (See: BBC).]
19 February 2019
David Murphy (52) Protestant
Status: Civilian (Civ), Killed by: Unknown
Found shot dead in his house at Glenholme Farm, Chruch Road, Glenwherry, between Ballymena and Larne. [Police reported that he had been shot twice with a shotgun. A motive for the killing was being investigated (See: BBC). It was reported that Murphy was a former member of the UVF (See: Belfast Telegraph).]



For deaths between 1969 and 2001 see:
Malcolm Sutton's on-line database of deaths 1969-2001
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Note on the photographs:
Most of the photographs in this section were provided by family members, relatives or friends of the person killed, to the local media at the time of death. In most cases the photographs were taken by a member of the family, a relative or a friend. At the time the photographs were provided to the local media, the name of the photographer was not recorded. No payment was made for the photograph. In some cases the original image was never returned.
Copyright of the photographs
Copyright © of the photographs remains with the (unknown) original photographer. If anyone believes they own the copyright of any of the photographs in this section, and objects to its reproduction on this Web site, they should contact the CAIN Director.
The photographs were obtained from various sources including: newspapers, magazines, books, other publications, video, memorials, Web sites, etc.
Removal of photographs:
If the nearest relative of any of those killed, objects to the use of a particular photograph then the image will be removed from this site. If the nearest relative would prefer a different photograph to be used this can be arranged.
Appeal for additional photographs:
If anyone has a photograph, or a series of photographs, of any of those killed during the conflict and would be willing to donate a (digital) copy to the Archive, please contact the CAIN Director. Please do not sent original photographs by post.




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