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Most Recent Exhibition

'From Protest to Peace:
    Murals by The Bogside Artists of Northern Ireland'

Reproductions of the Bogside Artists murals, together with educational panels about Northern Ireland, Derry, the peace process, and the murals. This is a travelling exhibition and is available for booking from the Georgia Southern University Museum (click on the two images below for more details).
First shown:
Georgia Southern University Museum, USA
      17 September 2007 - 6 January 2008
Subsequently exhibited:
Yager Museum of Art and Culture at Hartwick College, USA
      4 September 2008 - 3 November 2008 (see: press release)
American Conference for Irish Studies National Conference
Davenport, IA, USA (information station only)
      16-19 April 2008
American Conference for Irish Studies, Southern Regional Conference
Savannah, GA, USA
      6-8 March 2008
Savannah Irish Festival, Savannah, GA, USA
      16-17 February 2008

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thumbnail image of mural Previous Exhibition
41st Annual Smithsonian Folklife Festival, on the National Mall, Washington, USA; June 27-July 1 and July 4-8, 2007. The Bogside Artists were invited to attend the Folklife Festival and painted a mural on a temporary wall at the site.


Exhibition of Paintings

The Bogside Artists have produced a range of works of art in various mediums. Although they are best known for their wall murals they have also produced work on canvas and board which has been exhibited in venues around the world. The links below (click on the photographs) describe the major paintings and the historical events they depict.

gerrymander internment sectarianism Bernadette
caught up bloody sunday the state
(panel A)
the state
(panel B)
famine missing let the light shine

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