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'The People's Gallery'

The Bogside Artists have produced a range of works of art in various mediums. They are best known for the wall murals that they painted in the Bogside area of Derry, Northern Ireland. In 2008 The Bogside Artists completed another mural so at present there are twelve large wall murals on view in the Bogside. This collection of murals has become known as The People's Gallery. The links below (click on the photographs) describe the murals and the historical events they depict.

Petrol Bomber
Battle of
the Bogside
Battle of
the Bogside
Bloody Sunday
January 30th, 1972
Bloody Sunday Commemoration
Bloody Sunday Victims
Death of Innocence
Annette McGavigan Mural
Hunger Strike
Raymond Mc Cartney Mural
Operation Motorman
The Summer Invasion
The Saturday Matinee
The Rioter
Civil Rights
The beginning
Peace Mural
The Runner
A Tribute to John Hume

The existing twelve murals are located on walls in Rossville Street in the Bogside area of Derry. See also the 51 recent photographs of the murals and their street context.

The Artists published a book about their work in December 2001.

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