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A Tribute to John Hume


"The mural is called A TRIBUTE TO JOHN HUME who is the focal point of the mural. It also depicts Dr Martin Luther King Jr who Hume cited during the unveiling (Friday 20th June 2008) as the man who influenced him most during his campaign for democratic rights for the oppressed Catholics of the north of Ireland. Also depicted on the mural are Mother Theresa who, Hume reminded the gathering, was educated in Dublin and was involved in the quest for peace in the north. Nelson Mandela is the remainder of the quartet. His fight for justice ran parallel to the fight in Ireland. All four won the Nobel Peace Prize.
As ex-Bishop Edward Daly reminded everyone, the four were primarily champions of the little people, the nobodies who are cast aside in most societies as of no worth. That is what makes these people great and joins them together. They are also joined together by a rendition of the Brooklyn Bridge an apt metaphor to link the figures as all four have in one way or another been bridge builders, three of them politically and Mother Theresa spiritually as representing the bridge between the real and the transcendental by her faith in God and the message of Divine Love.
Bishop Daly also praised The Bogside Artists for making this tribute to one of the great figures of the 21st century and a "local man" to boot. John Hume himself added to this adulation saying how proud he was to be "in the heart of the Bogside and part of The People's Gallery in Derry his home-town that he loves very much".
Tom Kelly, speaking for the artists said: "In art as in life, there are the contenders and the pretenders. John Hume is a contender. There is genuine achievement and mere celebrity. John Hume belongs to the former and his legacy will live long after him." Tom then read out a statement from Bono of pop-group U2 fame: "We have one rule here at U2. Whatever John Hume wants, the answer is 'Yes'. As Dr King's visionary leadership changed the United States, so did this man for the people of Ireland."
The unveiling received massive media attention. For the artists it is, "the signature of The People's Gallery and a tribute to a great man that was long overdue."
William Kelly, Bogside Artists

The above photograph shows a mural painted by 'The Bogside Artists'. The mural was unveiled on Friday 20 June 2008 and is situated on Rossville Street in the Bogside area of Derry. The mural depicts John Hume, Martin Luther King Jr, Nelson Mandela, and Mother Teresa. All four were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

working on the mural unveiling the mural

William Kelly, of The Bogside Artists, working on the mural.

John Hume addressing the media and the spectators at the unveiling of the mural.

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