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"This mural is dedicated to the memory and heroism of Patrick Walsh.
The mural depicts a very typical sight from the troubles. Tear gas was used extensively in riot situations. This image shows a young boy in full flight, seconds after a canister of CS gas has been fired. It compliments the mural of the soldier on the ajoining wall, relating to Operation Motorman, which took place mainly in the Creggan area of the city. Beneath are two small portraits of Manus Deery and Charles Love (who also has a plaque dedicated to him). Both of these youngsters met their deaths during the troubles. The artists intended this mural to be a cautionary reminder to the young of the dangers inherent in civil conflict. It is chronologically the last mural, completed by the artists in July 2006."
William Kelly, Bogside Artists

The above photograph shows a mural painted by 'the Bogside Artists'. The painting is comprised of a large painting of a riot scene and two smaller portraits insert in the bottom left-hand corner. The mural was unveiled on Friday 28 July 2006 and is situated on Rossville Street in the Bogside area of Derry. The mural also incorporates an earlier memorial plaque to Charles Love.

The two portraits within the mural are of Manus Deery (top) and Charles Love (bottom). Manus Deery was a 15 year old boy who was shot dead on 19 May 1972. He was hit by fragments from a ricochet bullet fired by a British Army sniper from an observation post on the city walls. Charles Love was 16 years old when he was killed on 28 January 1990. He had been watching a Bloody Sunday commemoration march when the IRA exploded a bomb on the city walls. The bomb was intended to kill or injure security force members on the city walls but flying debris struck Charles Love who was standing a quarter of a mile from the site of the bomb.

working on the mural

unveiling the mural

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