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CCRU home background on CCRU community relations equality and equity research

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The information on this page is presented to help visitors to the CCRU site make best use of the facilities avaliable and to assist in finding particular information.

Structure of the CCRU site

Most of the material and information that is available at the site has been divided into sections which correspond with the three main branches of the CCRU. The branches are: Community Relations Branch; Equality and Equity Branch; and Information, Evaluation and Research Branch. The 'status bar' at the top of each web page reflects this structure with the added button links to the CCRU home page and background information on the CCRU.

CCRU home background on CCRU community relations equality and equity research

The status bar can be used to move quickly around the web site and it also acts as reminder to location within the site. The button links change appearance from dark blue to light blue as the user enters a particular part of the site. For example, if the user is in the section on equality and equity, or any of the associated pages, the status bar will look like this:

CCRU home background on CCRU community relations equality and equity research

One of the largest components of the CCRU web site is the searchable database of projects and associated reports and publications. The search page provides a useful way of finding out information about particualar projects or publications. Event if you don't know the names of actual projects or reports, you can use the keyword search option to look for material on particular topics.

Another way of finding information is to use the full-text search facility which allows the user to search for a phrase or a word across all the HTML files at the CCRU web site.

Site 'map'

The following table provides a textual 'map' of the CCRU web site. Beside each of the button links is a list of the main web pages to be found within that particular section. The user can use the following table to navigate to a particular page. This 'map' will change as more web pages are added to the site.

CCRU Home Page this section is mainly made up of the home page and the following associated pages:
  • a help page (the one currently being viewed)
  • a page for submitting email comments or queries to the site developer
  • a facility for carrying out a full-text search of all pages at the CCRU site
  • a list of associated centres
  • a list of relevant internet links
  • background on CCRU this section contains general background information about the work of the CCRU
  • a submission to the NI Forum by Mr Tony Canavan contains general information on the work of the CCRU
  • information on how to contact the CCRU
  • some details of the CCRU staff structure
  • information on conferences held by, or sponsored by, the CCRU
  • information on seminars held by, or sponsored by, the CCRU
  • community relations programme of the CCRU this section contains information about the community relations programme of the CCRU and, in particular, information on:
  • the Northern Ireland Community Relations Council
  • the District Council Community Relations Programme
  • the cultural traditions programme
  • the grant support of community-based facilities
  • the Physical and Social Environment Sub-Programme (PSEP)
  • the EU Special Support Programme for Peace and Reconciliation
  • details of each of the projects contained in the Project Directory
  • equality of opportunity and equity of treatment this section contains information about the measures employed to ensure that everyone in Northern Ireland enjoys full equality of opportunity and equity of treatment:
  • the latest initiative on Targeting Social Need NewTSN
  • information on Policy Appraisal and Fair Treatment (PAFT)
  • Irish language
  • employment equality review
  • publications
  • research commissioned by the CCRU this section contains details of the information, evaluation and research work carried out by, or funded by, or commissioned on behalf of, the CCRU
  • the Research Strategy document
  • introduction to the research themes
  • the searchable database of projects and associated reports and publications
  • details of the 'Best Practice in Community Relations' project

  • Recommended software requirements

    It would be best if users had a recent version of one of the more common browsers:

    Netscape Navigator 3.0 (or above) can be found at:
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    Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 (or above) can be found at:
    Microsoft Internet Explorer

    Some documents at the CCRU site have been stored in PDF format. Anyone wishing to view this type of document will require a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

    Adobe Acrobat Reader 3.0 (or above) can be found at:
    Adobe Acrobat 3.0

    A copy of the Reader program is also available at the Adobe UK Web Site. The Reader can also be obtained from a mirror site at Imperial College, London.

    Most of the images at this site are in the form of 'GIF' (.gif) or 'JPEG' (.jpg) files.

    If documents are available for downloading in 'rich text format' (.rtf). The user may need to adjust their browser program (Options/General_Preferences/Helpers or equivalent) to obtain copies of this type of file.

    Some of the files at the CCRU site are large and users may also need to adjust the amount of memory allocated to the cache (Options/Network_Preferences/Memory_Cache or equivalent) to avoid problems viewing the material.

    Information for those with sight problems

    This section is being developed

    Most people who use the Internet on a regular basis will be aware that many of the characteristics of the web pages can be changed by the 'preferences' option on all browsers.

    The most simple adjustment is to choose a font and a font size which makes it easier to view the page. In Netscape, for example, this is done by clicking on [Options] then dragging the cursor to [General Preferences...] then selecting [Choose Font...] and setting the font and font size.

    Further information will be provided in the near future.

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