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Hunger Strike of 1981 - Details of Source Material

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Page Compiled: Martin Melaugh, Brendan Lynn, (and Fionnuala McKenna, 1996-2000)
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This section contains a DRAFT list of some of the source material available on the subject of the Hunger Strikes which took place in the Maze Prison during 1980 and 1981. The list has been compiled from a number of sources. For a fuller list see relevant items listed in the CAIN Bibliography.



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PRONI Public Records

proni on cain Northern Ireland public records related to the 1980/81 Hunger Strikes


NAI Public Records

nai on cain Irish public records related to the 1980/81 Hunger Strikes


Ephemeral and Other Publications:

Berry, Steve. (1980) To the bitter climax of death if necessary, the H-block hunger strike and the struggle for political status, London: Produced and distributed for the Socialist Workers Party by Socialists Unlimited.

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Sands, Bobby. (n.d. 1981?) Portrait of a hunger striker, [writings from the H-Blocks], produced by the Troops Out Movement (Central London Branch), 1 Broadsheet. [Linen Hall Library]

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Hunger strike: H-Blocks, Long Kesh, Northern Ireland, Dungannon: A group of Lawyers and Priests for a humanitarian alternative, 1980. (15 pages) [Linen Hall Library]

Text of statement issued by the Irish Commission for Justice and Peace on the Hunger Strike and the protest in the Maze Prison Northern Ireland, Dublin, Irish Commission for Justice and Peace, 1981 [Linen Hall Library]

Transcript of "File on Four", London, Current Affairs Unit, BBC Radio Four, 1981
[Transcript of radio programme examining the 1981 hunger srike, containing interviews with Bernadette McAliskey, John Hume, Ian Paisley, Gerry Adams, Danny Morrison: broadcast on BBC Radio Four 9/9/81] [Linen Hall Library]


Newspaper Articles:

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Provos Last Stand? The Hunger Strike, Panorama, BBC, (50 mins), 21 September 1981
[The effects of the Hunger strike on support for the IRA]

H-Block Hunger Strikes and IRA Recruitment, Panorama, BBC, (40 mins), 21 September 1981
[The effects of the hunger strikes on Provisional IRA recruitment and public opinion in N. Ireland]

Hunger Strike; A Hidden History, Timewatch, (50 mins), 13 October 1993


Peter Heathwood Collection of Television Programmes
    Items related to the Hunger Strikes


CAIN list of Movies
    List includes some related to the Hunger Strike



RTE Archives
    Items related to Hunger Strike

BBC Rewind: Ten Chapters of the Northern Ireland Troubles
    Chapter 6: Hunger Strike

    Items on YouTube

The 1981 Hunger Strikes: America Reacts
Presented by the Archives of Irish America, New York University Division of Libraries [Link not working]

Bobby Sands Trust

Camloch 1981 Hunger Strike Committee [Link not working]

Celebration of Resistance Committee 1981-2001 [Link not working]

Hunger Strike 20th Anniversary 1981-2001 [Link not working]

Hunger Strike Commemoration Committee 1981-2001 [Link not working]

The Irish Hunger Strikes: A Commemorative Project


Physical Memorials:

For information on physical memorials in public spaces to the Hunger Strikes use the 'Description / Inscription Search' and search for Hunger Strike


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