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Note About Peter Heathwood

Peter Heathwood was shot and paralysed in a gun attack on his home in 1979. Since 1981 he has recorded daily television news items, documentary programmes, history programmes, and current affairs programmes, about Northern Ireland for his own private use.

The bulk of the items he has recorded are made up of the daily news reports covering violent events, politics, organisations, and people. The collection also contains documentary, current afairs, and history programmes.

Realising that the information contained within this listing would be of interest to people researching the Northern Ireland conflict Peter Heathwood decided to contribute this listing to the CAIN Web site. The listing was first made available in 2001 as simple Web pages on the CAIN site (these can still be viewed here). However, it was later decided to convert the listing into a searchable database. The work on this was completed in October 2005 and forms the pages in this new section.

On 4 February 2013 the BBC in Northern Ireland broadcast a programme entitled 'Memory Man' about Peter Heathwood and his video archive. It was broadcast on BBC One at 10.35 pm and the programme length was 30 minutes. Further details are available on this BBC Web page:

Anyone requiring further information on the collection held by Peter Heathwood should contact him directly by email at:
      peterheathwood AT yahoo DOT co DOT uk
or by completing the email form on CAIN and marking the message for his attention.


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