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The Targeting Social Need (TSN) initiative was first launched in February 1991 by Peter Brooke, then Secretary of State for Northern Ireland. TSN was a Conservative Party policy initiative designed to tackle significant differences in the socio-economic profiles of the Catholic and Protestant communities. The Labour government, which came to power in May 1997, decided to strengthen the policy and relaunch it as NewTSN. The Labour government issued a white paper entitled 'Partnership for Equality' in March 1998 which set out its objectives for NewTSN. NewTSN was also identified in the Good Friday Agreement as one of the Government's socio-economic commitments. The NewTSN programme was formally launched on 28 July 1998 by Marjorie (Mo) Mowlam, then Secretary of State.


Some items related to the topic of Targeting Social Need (TSN):

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See Also:

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Web Sites

The New Targeting Social Need (New TSN) Unit, within The Office of the First Minister and Deputy First Minister, has a web site at:

The BBC web site A State Apart has a section on:
Targeting Social Need and Promoting Social Inclusion


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