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2005 Westminster Election - List of Candidates

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The following is the list of candidates standing in the 2005 Westminster General Election in the 18 constituencies of Northern Ireland. The name of the 'sitting' Member of Parliament (MP) is indicated in bold text. See also the results of the 2001 Westminster election and the details of the 18 constituencies.


East Antrim
John Robert (Roy) Beggs (Ulster Unionist Party)
David Thomas Kerr (Vote for Yourself Rainbow Dream Ticket)
James McKeown (Sinn Féin)
Sean Neeson (Alliance Party of Northern Ireland)
Daniel Gabriel O'Connor (Social Democratic and Labour Party)
Sammy Wilson (Democratic Unionist Party)

North Antrim
Jayne Alexandra Dunlop (Alliance Party of Northern Ireland)
Sean Farren (Social Democratic and Labour Party)
Rodney McCune (Ulster Unionist Party)
Philip McGuigan (Sinn Féin)
Ian Richard Kyle Paisley (Democratic Unionist Party)

South Antrim
David Wilson Boyd Burnside (Ulster Unionist Party)
Henry John Cushinan (Sinn Féin)
David R J Ford (Alliance Party of Northern Ireland)
Noreen Patricia McClelland (Social Democratic and Labour Party)
Robert Thomas William McCrea (Democratic Unionist Party)

Belfast East
Joseph Bell (Workers Party)
Deborah Mary Devenny (Sinn Féin)
Reg Empey (Ulster Unionist Party)
Lynda Jean Gilby (Vote for Yourself Rainbow Dream Ticket)
Alan James Greer (Conservative Party)
Naomi Rachel Long (Alliance Party of Northern Ireland)
Mary Muldoon (Social Democratic and Labour Party)
Peter Robinson (Democratic Unionist Party)

Belfast North
Fred Cobain (Ulster Unionist Party)
Marcella Ellen Delaney (Workers Party)
Nigel Alexander Dodds (Democratic Unionist Party)
Lynda Jean Gilby (Vote for Yourself Rainbow Dream Ticket)
Marjorie Hawkins (Alliance Party of Northern Ireland)
Gerry Kelly (Sinn Féin)
Alban Maginness (Social Democratic and Labour Party)

Belfast South
Lynda Jean Gilby (Vote for Yourself Rainbow Dream Ticket)
Patrick Joseph Lynn (Workers Party)
Alexander Maskey (Sinn Féin)
Alasdair McDonnell (Social Democratic and Labour Party)
Michael Henry McGimpsey (Ulster Unionist Party)
Geraldine Rice (Alliance Party of Northern Ireland)
Jimmy Spratt (Democratic Unionist Party)
[Martin Smyth (Ulster Unionist Party) - retiring MP]

Belfast West
Gerry Adams (Sinn Féin)
Alex Attwood (Social Democratic and Labour Party)
Diane Dodds (Democratic Unionist Party)
Lynda Jean Gilby (Vote for Yourself Rainbow Dream Ticket)
Liam Kennedy (Independent)
John Lowry (Workers Party)
Christopher David McGimpsey (Ulster Unionist Party)

North Down
David King Alderdice (Alliance Party of Northern Ireland)
Christopher Charles Carter (Independent)
Sylvia Eileen Hermon (Ulster Unionist Party)
William Patrick Logan (Social Democratic and Labour Party)
Janet McCrory (Sinn Féin)
Julian Robertson (Conservative Party)
Peter James Weir (Democratic Unionist Party)

South Down
Julian Crozier (Alliance Party of Northern Ireland)
Eddie McGrady (Social Democratic and Labour Party)
Dermot Nesbitt (Ulster Unionist Party)
Caitríona Ruane (Sinn Féin)
James Henry Wells (Democratic Unionist Party)

Fermanagh and South Tyrone
Thomas Beatty Elliott (Ulster Unionist Party)
Arlene Isobel Foster (Democratic Unionist Party)
Tommy Gallagher (Social Democratic and Labour Party)
Michelle Gildernew (Sinn Féin)

John Mark Durkan (Social Democratic and Labour Party)
William Hay (Democratic Unionist Party)
Eamonn McCann (Socialist Environmental Alliance)
Mitchel McLaughlin (Sinn Féin)
Ben Reel (Vote for Yourself Rainbow Dream Ticket)
Earl Storey (Ulster Unionist Party)
[John Hume (Social Democratic and Labour Party) - retiring MP]

Lagan Valley
Paul Butler (Sinn Féin)
Seamus Anthony Close (Alliance Party of Northern Ireland)
Jeffrey Mark Donaldson # (Democratic Unionist Party)
Patricia Lewsley (Social Democratic and Labour Party)
Basil McCrea (Ulster Unionist Party)
(# Donaldson was elected in 2001 as a member of the UUP but left the party in January 2004 to join the DUP)

East Londonderry
Yvonne Boyle (Alliance Party of Northern Ireland)
Gregory Lloyd Campbell (Democratic Unionist Party)
John James Dallat (Social Democratic and Labour Party)
Billy Leonard (Sinn Féin)
David McClarty (Ulster Unionist Party)
Malcolm Harry Samuel (Independent)

Mid Ulster
Billy Armstrong (Ulster Unionist Party)
Francis Donnelly (Workers Party)
Ian McCrea (Democratic Unionist Party)
Patrick Joseph (Patsy) McGlone (Social Democratic and Labour Party)
Martin McGuinness (Sinn Féin)

Newry and Armagh
Paul Leslie Berry (Democratic Unionist Party)
Dominic Bradley (Social Democratic and Labour Party)
Danny Kennedy (Ulster Unionist Party)
Gerry Markey (Independent)
Conor Terence Murphy (Sinn Féin;)
[Seamus Mallon (Social Democratic and Labour Party) - retiring MP]

Joe Boyle (Social Democratic and Labour Party)
Terry Dick (Conservative Party)
Dermot Kennedy (Sinn Féin)
Kieran McCarthy (Alliance Party of Northern Ireland)
Gareth McGimpsey (Ulster Unionist Party)
Iris Robinson (Democratic Unionist Party)

West Tyrone
Thomas Ernest Buchanan (Democratic Unionist Party)
Charles Kieran Deeny (Independent)
Pat Doherty (Sinn Féin)
Derek Robert Hussey (Ulster Unionist Party)
Eugene Anthony McMenamin (Social Democratic and Labour Party)

Upper Bann
Alan Castle (Alliance Party of Northern Ireland)
Tom French (Workers Party)
Dolores Kelly (Social Democratic and Labour Party)
John O'Dowd (Sinn Féin)
David Simpson (Democratic Unionist Party)
William David Trimble (Ulster Unionist Party)


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