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North-South Ministerial Council - Implementation Bodies

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Devolved Government in Northern Ireland
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North-South Implementation Bodies

Details of the North-South Implementation Bodies

Under the North-South Ministerial Council, six new North-South Implementation Bodies {external_link}, established by international agreement between the British and Irish Governments, came into being on 2 December 1999. These bodies will implement policies agreed by Ministers in the North-South Ministerial Council. The new bodies are:

The Food Safety Promotion BoardTel: 00 3531 8171317
The Foyle, Carlingford and Irish Lights CommissionTel: 028 7134 2100
The Language Body
(known in Irish as An Foras Teanga or in Ulster-Scots as Tha Boord o Leid)
Tel: Irish Language: 00 3531 6398400 or LoCall: 0845 3098142, Ulster Scots: 028 9023 1113
The Special European Union Programmes BodyTel: 028 9052 3889
The Trade and Business Development BodyTel: 028 9054 5328
Waterways IrelandTel: 00 3531 6472557

The bodies will be funded from grants made by the relevant government departments, North and South. They will be staffed by a combination of civil servants (either transferred or seconded from their parent Departments, North and South) and directly recruited staff. With the agreement of the Northern Ireland Assembly and the Oireachtas it will be open to the North-South Ministerial Council to set up more Implementation Bodies in the future.

In addition to the six Implementation Bodies an initial six areas have been identified for co-operation between existing government departments and other bodies, North and South. They cover aspects of transport, agriculture, education, health, environment, and tourism.


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