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contact details

For all queries please contact:

CAIN Director: m.melaugh@ulster.ac.uk

Non-commercial Use by Private Individuals
You may make use of the photographs for private study provided they are not used for commerical gain. Users may therefore print a single copy of the photographs for use, for example, in university or college dissertations. Please acknowledge both the photographer and the source by including the following line beside each image:

© Eamon Melaugh (cain.ulster.ac.uk/melaugh)

Reproduction on Internet
Anyone who would like to reproduce any of the photographs on a web site should first contact the CAIN Director (m.melaugh@ulster.ac.uk).

Commercial Publication / Reproduction
Anyone who would like to reproduce any of the photographs for commercial purposes should should first contact the CAIN Director (m.melaugh@ulster.ac.uk). Full size, high resolution images can be supplied in JPEG (or other) format.

Book of Photographs
Derry The Troubled Years
by Eamon Melaugh
Details of the book

Eamon Melaugh also has a Web site containing photographs taken in India and also information about a number of charitable projects he is currently involved with; see:
Action With Effect

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