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portfolio 6 - photograph 4
© Copyright Eamon Melaugh
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Title: Riot on Rossville Street (3) [No.F6P4]
Description: A British Army (BA) armoured personnel carrier (the 'pig'; the name given to the vehicle by the troops themselves) driving along Rossville Street in front of the high-rise flats. There is a rubble barricade across the road and there is a cloud of CS gas to the side of the 'pig'. CS gas was used for riot control but was indiscriminant in its effect. The gas was blown by the wind and affected local people who were uninvolved in the disturbances.
Photographer: Eamon Melaugh
Date Taken: 1970 (?)
Location: Rossville Street, Derry
Copyright: © Eamon Melaugh

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