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Biographies of People Prominent During 'the Troubles'

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Text and Research: Brendan Lynn ... Edited and Compiled: Martin Melaugh
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Biographies of People Prominent During 'the Troubles'
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The above initial letters link to pages containing short biographies on prominent people who are mentioned in the main CAIN archive or whom the reader may come across in the course of researching the Northern Ireland conflict. There are currently over one hundred and sixty biographies available and others will be added in the future.

Each entry is comprised of the following information:

Surname, ('Common firstname') Firstname(s) (titles) (b. date of birth)
photograph (publicity photograph used if available)
keyword(s); main position(s) / role(s)

Short biographical entry

Book References:
any biography, or autobiography, or any other book sources
Web Sources:
any websites with information on the individual
[Entry written by A.Author - date completed]

  • The linked pages contain brief biographies of people who played a prominent part in the history of Northern Ireland since 1968.
  • The list of people included is a first selection and is slightly weighted towards more recent years and events. There is also a page with details of the roles of prominent people listed by position held.
  • It is also possible to search the biographies.
  • It is planned to increase the number of biographical entries in the future.
  • The information has been compiled from numerous primary and secondary sources. The best general sources for additional information are:
    • Elliott, Sydney. and Flackes, W.D. (1999), Northern Ireland: A Political Directory, 1968-1999. Belfast: Blackstaff Press.
    • McRedmond, Louis. (ed.) (1998), Modern Irish Lives: Dictionary of 20th-century Biography. Dublin: Gill & Macmillan.
    • Ramsden, John. (ed.) (2002), The Oxford Companion to Twentieth Century British Politics. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
  • Publicity photographs of some of the individuals listed in the biographies were obtained from a number of web sites.
  • For related and background information see also:

  • The list of acronyms associated with 'the Troubles'
  • The glossary of terms related to the conflict
  • The abstracts on prominent organisations
  • The chronology of the conflict

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