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Name Hanna, McCrea and Mehaffy - UVF/RHC
Address Broadway, the Village.
Mural 21. 712
Group/Individual Commemorated Ulster Volunteer Force/Red Hand Commando - John Hanna, Stevie McCrea and Sammy Mehaffy.
Commissioned By Not known [UVF/RHC].
Plaque Reads Three plaques. From right to left: 1)"In loving memory of Vol. John Hanna Murdered by the enemies of Ulster 10th September 1991 Always remembered by the officers and Volunteers 2nd Batt. "B" Coy Village Its not for richness nor for glory but the love of one's country which are prepared to die for Here lies a soldier Gone but not forgotten. F.G.A.U". 2)"In loving memory of Volunteer Stevie McCrea Murdered by enemies of Ulster Died 18th February 1989". 3)"In loving memory of friend Sammy Mehaffy Murdered by enemies of Ulster Died 13th November 1991".
Date of Erection Not known.
Description Plaques show: 1) the UVF symbol. 2) the RHC symbol. 3) image of a red hand.
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Hanna, McCrea and Mehaffy - UVF/RHC