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'Remembering': Victims, Survivors and Commemoration
Site Map for the Section on Victims

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About Introduction  
Guide to Site Guide to the site for first time users.
Site Map
The victims Archive site map - this Web page.
Project Background Background details about the project which developed the on-line digitial archive.
Acknowledgements Acknowledgements
Contact Main contact details.
New project Information on the second CAIN / AHRC-funded project.
Introduction Introduction General introduction to the topic and on-line archive.
Who are the victims? Paper: McDowell, Sara. (2007) Who are the victims? Debates, concepts and contestation in 'post-conflict' Northern Ireland. Web: CAIN.
Reading / Sources  
Background Introduction Introduction to the background section.
Glossary of terms Explanation of some terms, especially those with a Northern Ireland context
Agencies, people List of people, and dates in post, who held responsibility for victims-related matters.
Chronology A chronology of victims-related matters.
On This Day A list of people who were killed on today's date (for the years 1969-2001).
Seminars, Events A listing of seminars and other victims-related events held during the period of the project.
CAIN/AHRC Seminars List of CAIN/AHRC Seminars, 2007-2009
Archive Introduction Introduction to the main Archive
Digital Archive and Bibliography An introduction to the changes made to the CAIN bibliography to account for the additional citations of victims-related material.
Search Archive The main search facility.
Media Calendar A calendar covering the period of the project, with links to date-specific materials (date of publication).
List by author  
Sutton Database Information on the Sutton Index of Deaths.
McKeown Database Information and source material on the McKeown database.
Policy Introduction Introduction to the section on government policy.
Background Background to government policy.
Reading List of the main publications.
Policy 1997-09  
Victims' needs 1997-07 Paper: McDowell, Sara. (2007) Victims’ needs in post-conflict Northern Ireland: an analysis of government policy between 1997 and 2007. Web: CAIN.
Developments 2005-09 Paper: Nagle, John. (2009) Developments in Government Policy, 2005-2009. Web: CAIN.
Legacy Consultation 2018 NIO public consultation on legacy issues, 2018
Sources List of source materials.
Groups Introduction Introduction to the section on victims' groups.
What are victims' groups Paper: Nagle, John. (2009). What are Victims' Groups? Background on the Victims' Groups Established in Response to the Conflict in Northern Ireland. Web: CAIN.
Unionist victims movement Paper: Nagle, John. (2009). The Ulster Unionist Victims’ Movement: Political Opportunities and Injustice Masterframes'. Web: CAIN.
Reading List of the main publications.
List of victims' groups List of the known victims' groups with brief details of each group.
Sources List of source materials.
Memorials Introduction Introduction to the section on physical memorials.
Memorials, commemoration  
Commemoration Paper: McDowell, Sara. (2007). Introduction to Commemoration, and to Commemoration in Northern Ireland. Web: CAIN.
Commemoration Paper: Nagle, John. (2008). 'From Mourning to Melancholia? The Ambivalent Role of Commemoration in Facilitating Peace-Building in Northern Ireland', Early draft of paper published in the Irish Journal of Anthropology, 11(1): 28-34. ISSN: 1393-8592. Web: CAIN.
Search page Main search page for the memorials database.
Structure of database Information on the structure of the database - description of each of the variables / fields.
Sample page An example of the output from the search page.
Quilts Information on quilts and arpilleras.
Human Face Introduction Introduction to the section of victims' photographs.
Photographs of those killed. Melaugh, Martin. (2009). The Human Face of Conflict: Photographs of those killed. Web: CAIN.
View chronologically Chronological listing of those killed with photographs were available.
View alphabetically Alphabetical listing of those killed with photographs were available.
Search page Name search of database.
Photographs of children Available photographs of those children killed.
Gallery Gallery of available photographs of those killed.
LAUNCH 20th Jan 2012
Introduction Introduction to the section on Visualising the Conflict.
GIS Maps 24 sets of GIS maps, in various formats, displaying information about deaths due to the conflict (1969-2001) and physical memorials to the conflict, that users can view or download.
GIS Graphs 4 sets of GIS graphs.
GIS Tables 2 GIS tables
Google Map Memorials Google Map of Physical Memorials.
Other versions Other versions of Google Map of Physical Memorials.
Google Map Deaths D R A F T Google Map of Deaths.
Note Note about the Google Map of Deaths.
Virtual Educational Space A Guide to the Virtual Educational Space in Second Life
Video Video footage of a selection of physical memorials.
Other Project Outputs Other outputs produced as part of the project.


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