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the bloody sunday protest (2) street art

The above photographs shows some 'street art' which was produced to commemorate the 26th anniversary of 'Bloody Sunday'. The photograph also shows the Bogside Artists and some of the people who helped place the works on the Derry Walls. The 'puppets' are meant to represent the soldiers who were responsible for the shooting on 'Bloody Sunday'. Some of the soldier puppets are wearing the red caps of the Parachute Regiment who, for many years, were considered to be solely responsible for the shooting. More recent evidence points to the likelihood that soldiers positioned on the Derry Walls also opened fire on those taking part in the Civil Rights demonstration. The soldiers on the Walls on 30 January 1972 were members of the Royal Anglian Regiment hence some of the puppet soldiers were painted with green caps.

The photograph on the right shows 'puppet soldiers' being hung from the Derry Walls.

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