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© Copyright Paul Crispin - photograph of British soldiers in Belfast during 1986

About This Section

This section contains a selection of photographs that were taken by Paul Crispin. Paul Crispin was a member of the British Army and did tours of duty in Northern Ireland in the mid-1980s. As a keen photographer he recorded his fellow soldiers as they went about their duties in Belfast.

There are a total of 96 photographs contained in this section. Users can select photographs from the six pages which display thumbnail versions (click on 'photos' in the top menu), or they can move from large photograph to large photograph by clicking on 'next photo'.

Each large photograph is accompanied by a description of the scene as supplied by Paul Cirspin.

All the photographs are copyright of Paul Crispin - click on the 'copyright' link for full details.

The photographs in this section can also be viewed on Paul Crispin's family web site:

In addition, feedback on the photographs by the international community can be read on the following web pages:



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